Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Kv2. Wonder/Awe

Descriptor: overwhelming feelings of reverence, admiration and fear about the natural order.

  • 119. Wonder/Awe/Fate - To have overwhelming feelings of marvel and fear when faced with the awe-inspiring power and mystery of nature.

Kv1. Self Preservation

Descriptor: concerns about physical survival and preservation of one's self.

  • 63. Self Interest/Control - To attempt to control the world around you in order to ensure personal survival.
  • 91. Self Preservation - To protect myself from loss, danger, or harm.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Key Values

A new project was started today with the goal of creating a rigorous integration of Key Values into the MVF model.

The initial plan is to adapt the Hall model of Key Values to expand the current version of the MVF.

It is envisaged the the entity-relationship model will be:[click to view full screen]

Sunday, 19 September 2010

42. Equality

Hall/Tonna Descriptor: Experiencing one's self as having the same value and rights as all other human beings in such a way that one is set free to be that self and free others to be themselves. This is the  critical conscience of the value of being human.

Existing Online: To experience yourself as having the same value and rights as all other human beings in such a way that you are set free to be yourself and to free others to be themselves

Proposed: Experiencing equal value and rights to other human beings so you are free to be yourself and allow others to be themselves

New Label: Equality - Old label: Equality / Liberation

Final: To acknowledge equal value and rights of all people so that everyone experiences freedom to be themselves.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

23. Leadership/New Organization

Hall-Tonna Definition:
This value label was changed by Brian Hall from Corporation/New Order to Corporation/Stewardship and defined as: "Leading and developing a new organization or transforming an existing one. " Also, "The skills, capacity and will to create new organizational styles or to improve present institutional forms in order to creatively enhance society."

Existing Online: The innovative design of new organizational or institutional forms which, if implemented, would creatively enhance society.

Rationale: We need to discuss what we mean by this value to effectively distinguish it from Construction/New Order which is currently defined as: To initiate and develop a new form of institution for the purpose of creatively enhancing society.
New Label: Leadership/New Organization Old Label: Corporation/New Order
Final: Leading/developing a new organization or transforming an existing one.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

123. Workmanship/Quality

To create products or works of art to enhance the world and our life in it

To create products or works of art to enhance the world and life in it

New Label: Workmanship/Quality Old label: Workmanship/Craft/Art

Final: Gaining satisfaction and pride from quality workmanship.

122. Work

To have the skills and rights enabling you to produce a minimal living for yourself and your family.

To have the skills and rights that allow you to provide for yourself/family.

New Label: Work Old label: Work/Labour

Final: To have the skills, confidence and desire to engage in productive work.